A02班 研究成果


1.     “The ALP miracle: unified inflaton and dark matter”, R. Daido, F. Takahashi and *W. Yin, to appear in JCAP, 査読有, [arXiv:1702.03284]
2.     “Dark Matter Candidates in a Visible Heavy QCD Axion Model”, *H. Fukuda, M. Ibe, T. T. Yanagida, Phys.Rev. D95 (2017) 095017 査読有り [arXiv:1702.00227]
3.     “Evidence for a Dusty Dark Dwarf Galaxy in the Quadruple Lens MG 0414+0534”, *K. T. Inoue, S. Matsushita, T. Minezaki and M. Chiba, Astrophys. J. 835, no. 2, L23 (2017) 査読有, [arXiv:1701.05283]
4.     “Relaxation leptogenesis, isocurvature perturbations, and the cosmic infrared background”, M.  Kawasaki, L. Pearce, *L. Yang, A. Kusenko, Phys.Rev. D95 (2017) no.10, 103006査読有, [arXiv:1701.02175]
5.     “Gravitational waves from domain walls and their implications”, K. Nakayama, F. Takahashi, and *N. Yokozaki, to appear in Phys. Lett. B査読有, [arXiv:1612.08327]
6.     “Constraints on Lμ−Lτ gauge interactions from rare kaon decay”, M. Ibe, *W. Nakano, M. Suzuki, Phys.Rev. D95 (2017) no.5, 055022査読有, [arXiv:1611.08460]
7.     “Gauge Coupling Unification with Hidden Photon, and Minicharged Dark Matter”, R. Daido, F. Takahashi and *N. Yokozaki, Phys. Lett. B 768, 30 (2017) 査読有, [arXiv:1610.00631]
8.     “Revisiting gravitino dark matter in thermal leptogenesis”, Masahiro Ibe, *Motoo Suzuki, Tsutomu T. Yanagida JHEP 1702 (2017) 063  査読有 [arXiv:1609.06834]
9.     “A New Milky Way Satellite Discovered In The Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey”,  Daisuke Homma, *M. Chiba et al.,  Astrophys.J. 832 (2016) no.1, 21査読有[arXiv:1609.04346]
10.     “Primordial black hole formation in the matter-dominated phase of the Universe”,  *T. Harada,  C-M Yoo, K. Kohri, K. Nakao, S. Jhingan,  Astrophys.J. 833 (2016) no.1, 61,  査読有, [arXiv:1609.01588]
11.     “Nambu-Goldstone Boson Hypothesis for Squarks and Sleptons in Pure Gravity Mediation ”, T. T. Yanagida, W. Yin and *N. Yokozaki, JHEP 1609, 086 (2016)  査読有, [arXiv: 1608.06618]
12.     “Dark Matter in Axion Landscape”, *Ryuji Daido, Takeshi Kobayashi, Fuminobu Takahashi, Phys.Lett. B765 (2017) 293-299査読有[arXiv:1608.04092]
13.     “Foreground effect on the J-factor estimation of classical dwarf spheroidal galaxies”, *Koji Ichikawa, Miho N. Ishigaki, Shigeki Matsumoto, Masahiro Ibe, Hajime Sugai, Kohei Hayashi, Shun-ichi Horigome, Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 468 (2017) no.3, 2884-2896査読有  [arXiv:1608.01749]
14.     “Lower limit on the gravitino mass in low-scale gauge mediation with mH≃ 125 GeV”, *Masahiro Ibe, Tsutomu T. Yanagida,  Phys.Lett. B764 (2017) 260-264 査読有 [arXiv:1608.01610]
15.     “Elucidating Dark Energy with Future 21 cm Observations at the Epoch of Reionization ”, K. Kohri, *Y. Oyama,  T. Sekiguchi, T. Takahashi, JCAP 1702 (2017) no.02, 024  査読有, [arXiv: 1608.01601]
16.     “Splitting mass spectra and muon g − 2 in Higgs-anomaly mediation”, W. Yin, *N. Yokozaki, Phys.Lett. B762 (2016) 72-79  査読有, [arXiv:1607.05705]
17.     “Cosmological Perturbations of Axion with a Dynamical Decay Constant”, *Takeshi Kobayashi, Fuminobu Takahashi  JCAP 1608 (2016) no.08, 056 査読有, [arXiv:1607.04294]
18.     “Upper Bound on the Gluino Mass in Supersymmetric Models with Extra Matters”, T. Moroi), T. T. Yanagida, *N. Yokozaki, Phys.Lett. B760 (2016) 681-688査読有, [arXiv:1606.04053]
19.     “Cracking down on fake photons: Cases of diphoton resonance imposters”,  *Hajime Fukuda, Masahiro Ibe, Osamu Jinnouchi, Mihoko Nojiri, PTEP 2017 (2017) no.3, 033B05査読有, [arXiv:1607.01936]
20.     “Primordial black holes as dark matter in supergravity inflation models”, M. Kawasaki, A. Kusenko, *Y. Tada and T. T. Yanagida, Phys. Rev. D 94, no. 8, 083523 (2016) 査読有, [arXiv:1606.07631]
21.     “Topological Defects and nano-Hz Gravitational Waves in Aligned Axion Models”, Tetsutaro Higaki, *Kwang Sik Jeong, Naoya Kitajima, Toyokazu Sekiguchi, Fuminobu Takahashi, JHEP 1608 (2016) 044査読有[arXiv:1606.05552]
22.     “Thermal Relic Dark Matter Beyond the Unitarity Limit”, Keisuke Harigaya, Masahiro Ibe, Kunio Kaneta, *Wakutaka Nakano, Motoo Suzuki, JHEP 1608 (2016) 151査読有[arXiv:1606.00159]
23.     “Simple cosmological solution to the Higgs field instability problem in chaotic inflation and the formation of primordial black holes”, M. Kawasaki, *K. Mukaida, T. T. Yanagida, Phys.Rev. D94 (2016) no.6, 063509査読有[arXiv:1605.04974]
24.     “Revisiting constraints on small scale perturbations from big-bang nucleosynthesis”, *Keisuke Inomata, Masahiro Kawasaki, Yuichiro Tada, Phys.Rev. D94 (2016) no.4, 043527査読有 [arXiv:1605.04646]
25.     “Effects of electrically charged dark matter on cosmic microwave background anisotropies”,  *Ayuki Kamada , Kazunori Kohri , Tomo Takahashi , Naoki Yoshida, Phys.Rev. D95 (2017) no.2, 023502査読有 [arXiv:1604.07926]
26.     “Diphoton excess from hidden U(1) gauge symmetry with large kinetic mixing”, Fuminobu Takahashi , Masaki Yamada, *Norimi Yokozaki, Phys.Lett. B760 (2016) 486-493 査読有 [arXiv:1604.07145]
27.     “Constraints on primordial black holes from the Galactic gamma-ray background”,  B.J. Carr , Kazunori Kohri , *Yuuiti Sendouda , Jun’ichi Yokoyama, Phys.Rev. D94 (2016) no.4, 04402 査読有 [arXiv:1604.05349]
28.     “Charged Q-ball Dark Matter from B and L direction”,  *Jeong-Pyong Hong, Masahiro Kawasaki , Masaki Yamada,  JCAP 1608 (2016) no.08, 053 査読有 [arXiv:1604.04352
29.     “Detecting Black-Hole Binary Clustering via the Second-Generation Gravitational-Wave Detectors”, *Toshiya Namikawa , Atsushi Nishizawa , Atsushi Taruya ,Phys.Rev. D94 (2016) no.2, 024013 査読有 [arXiv:1603.08072]
30.     “Renormalization Group Improved Higgs Inflation with a Running Kinetic Term”,   Fuminobu Takahashi ,* Ryo Takahashi, Phys.Lett. B760 (2016) 329-334 査読有 [arXiv:1603.07601]
31.     “Quality of the Peccei-Quinn symmetry in the Aligned QCD Axion and Cosmological Implications”,  Tetsutaro Higaki , *Kwang Sik Jeong , Naoya Kitajima , Fuminobu Takahashi ,JHEP 1606 (2016) 150 査読有 [arXiv:1603.02090]
32.     “Cosmology with the Square Kilometre Array by SKA-Japan”,   SKA-Japan Consortium Cosmology Science Working Group (Daisuke Yamauchi  et al.). PoS DSU2015 (2016) 004, Publ.Astron.Soc.Jap. 68 (2016) no.6, R2 査読有り [arXiv:1603.01959]
33.     “Why three generations? ”,   Masahiro Ibe , Alexander Kusenko (Tokyo U., IPMU & UCLA), Tsutomu T. Yanagida, Phys.Lett. B758 (2016) 365-369 査読有 [arXiv:1602.03003]
34.     “Cosmology with a Heavy Polonyi Field”,  Keisuke Harigaya (UC, Berkeley & LBNL, Berkeley), Taku Hayakawa , Masahiro Kawasaki, Masaki Yamada, 査読有 [arXiv:1601.02140]
35.     “Evolution of dwarf spheroidal satellites in the common surface-density dark halos”,   Yusuke Okayasu, Masashi Chiba, Astrophys.J. 827 (2016) no.2, 105 査読有 [arXiv:1601.00375]
36.     “Viable Chaotic Inflation as a Source of Neutrino Masses and Leptogenesis”,   Kazunori Nakayama , Fuminobu Takahashi , Tsutomu T. Yanagida, Phys.Lett. B757 (2016) 32-38 査読有 [arXiv:1601.00192]
37.     “Can massive primordial black holes be produced in mild waterfall hybrid inflation? ”,   Masahiro Kawasaki, Yuichiro Tada, JCAP 1608 (2016) no.08, 041 査読有 [arXiv:1512.03515]
38.     “Constraining higher-order parameters for primordial non-Gaussianities from power spectra and bispectra of imaging surveys”,  I. Hashimoto, A. Taruya, T. Matsubara, T. Namikawa and S. Yokoyama,
Phys. Rev. D 93, no. 10, 103537 (2016) 査読有,  [arXiv:1512.08352]
39.     “CMB Constraint on Dark Matter Annihilation after Planck 2015”, M. Kawasaki, *K. Nakayama and T. Sekiguchi, Phys. Lett. B 756, 212 (2016) 査読有,  [arXiv:1512.08015]
40.     “The QCD Axion from Aligned Axions and Diphoton Excess”, T. Higaki, *K. S. Jeong, N. Kitajima and F. Takahashi, Phys. Lett. B 755, 13-16 (2016) 査読有,  [arXiv:1512.05295]
41.     “Dynamical fine-tuning of initial conditions for small field inflation”,   Satoshi Iso, Kazunori Kohri , Kengo Shimada, Phys.Rev. D93 (2016) no.8, 084009 査読有 [arXiv:1511.05923]
42.     “Suppressing the QCD Axion Abundance by Hidden Monopoles”, Masahiro Kawasaki , Fuminobu Takahashi , Masaki Yamada, Phys.Lett. B753 (2016) 677-681 査読有 [arXiv:1511.05030]
43.     “Anisotropies of gravitational-wave standard sirens as a new cosmological probe without redshift information”, *T. Namikawa, A. Nishizawa and A. Taruya, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, no. 12, 121302 (2016) 査読有, [arXiv:1511.04638]
44.     “Axino dark matter and baryon number asymmetry production by the Q-ball decay in gauge mediation”,   Shinta Kasuya , *Etsuko Kawakami , Masahiro Kawasaki, JCAP 1603 (2016) no.03, 011 査読有 [arXiv:1511.05655]
45.     “Spontaneous Baryogenesis from Asymmetric Inflaton”,  Fuminobu Takahashi , *Masaki Yamada, Phys.Lett. B756 (2016) 216-220 査読有 [arXiv:1510.07822]
46.     “ATLAS on-Z Excess via gluino-Higgsino-singlino decay chains in the NMSSM”,  *Keisuke Harigaya, Masahiro Ibe , Teppei Kitahara, JHEP 1601 (2016) 030 査読有[arXiv:1510.07691]
47.     “Cosmological problems of the string axion alleviated by high scale SUSY of m3/2= 10–100TeV”,   Masahiro Kawasaki, Tsutomu T. Yanagida, *Norimi Yokozaki, Phys.Lett. B753 (2016) 389-394 査読有arXiv:1510.04171]
48.     “Revisiting R-invariant Direct Gauge Mediation”,  *Cheng-Wei Chiang, Keisuke Harigaya, Masahiro Ibe, Tsutomu T. Yanagida, JHEP 1603 (2016) 145 査読有[arXiv:1510.04047]
49.     “ALMA Imprint of Intergalactic Dark Structures in the Gravitational Lens SDP.81”,   *Kaiki Taro Inoue, Takeo Minezaki, Satoki Matsushita, Masashi Chiba, Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 457 (2016) no.3, 2936-2950, 査読有[arXiv:1510.00150]
50.     “Constraints on the neutrino parameters by future cosmological 21 cm line and precise CMB polarization observations”, *Y. Oyama, K. Kohri and M. Hazumi, JCAP 1602, no. 02, 008 (2016) 査読有, [arXiv:1510.03806]
51.     “Revisiting Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis Constraints on Dark-Matter Annihilation”, M. Kawasaki, K. Kohri, T. Moroi and *Y. Takaesu,  Phys. Lett. B 751, 246 (2015) 査読有, [arXiv:1509.03665]
52.     “Can thermal inflation be consistent with baryogenesis in gauge-mediated SUSY breaking models? ”,   *Taku Hayakawa , Masahiro Kawasaki, Masaki Yamada, Phys.Rev. D93 (2016) no.6, 063529 査読有[arXiv:1508.03409]
53.     “Reinterpretation of the Starobinsky model”,   Takehiko Asaka, Satoshi Iso, Hikaru Kawai, Kazunori Kohri, Toshifumi Noumi, Takahiro Terada PTEP 2016 (2016) no.12, 123E01 査読有 [arXiv:1507.04344]


1.    “Cosmological roles of axions within the reach of future experiments”, F. Takahashi, CERN-EPFL-Korea Theory Institute, New Physics at the Intensity Frontier, 2017, Feb. 20 – Mar. 3, CERN, スイス. (招待講演)
2.    “Formation of primordial black holes in double inflation”, M. Kawasaki, Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology Including Fundamental Interactions, 2016 Sep.12-17, Moorea, French Polynesia(招待講演)
3.    “Gravitational waves and structure formation”, A. Taruya, Gravitational waves and cosmology & 3rd eLISA cosmology working group workshop, 2016. Oct.17-21, ハンブルク,ドイツ(招待講演)
4.    “A model of heavy QCD axion”, M. Ibe, Beyond the Standard Model in Okinawa 2016, Mar. 7, 沖縄(招待講演)
5.    “Galactic Archeology”, M. Chiba, Subaru PFS Collaboration Meeting, 2015 Dec. 16 マルセイユ天体物理研究所,フランス(招待講演)
6.    “Particle physics theory: Cosmology”, K. Kohri, The 4th Particle Physics Wchool in South-East Asia, 2015 Sep. 17-18, Vietnam National University of Science, ハノイ,ベトナム(招待講演)


1. すばる望遠鏡HSCによるデータを用いて,銀河系に付随する極めて暗い衛星銀河を発見し,プレスリリースを行った.(千葉柾司)
2. アルマ望遠鏡で暗黒矮小銀河からの光を初検出し,プレスリリースを行った.(千葉柾司)
3. 微細電荷を持ったダークマターを予言する大統一理論に関する研究成果について、東北大学大学院理学研究科ホームページにて一般向け解説記事を掲載した。


1.    第4回観測的宇宙論ワークショップを2015年11月28日-30日に基研にて開催した.この研究会は観測的宇宙論の若手研究者育成が目的の1つで、60名以上の参加者があり、招待講演を含め28の講演が行われた(樽家篤史)。
2.    A02班とB02班が共同し,若手研究者育成を目的のひとつとして,ダークマターに関する秋の学校「理論と観測から迫るダークマターの正体とその分布」を国立天文台にて2016年11月9日-11日に開催した.46人の参加者があり,9の招待講演およびHSCデータの実習が行われた.http://www.tuhep.phys.tohoku.ac.jp/dmautumn/
3.    若手研究者育成を目的のひとつとして、海外で活躍する第一線の研究者による講義に基づくワークショップ“Fundamental Physics in the Universe”をKEKにおいて2017年2月20-22日に開催した(郡和範)。大学院生を中心として約40名の参加者があった。


1.    国立研究開発法人・科学技術振興機構(JST)が主催する講演会、“The 11th Ninomiya House Candlelight Discussion,” (2016年3月17日開催、JSTつくば 二宮ハウス)において、 郡和範が 「The Beginning of the Universe – the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy –」と題して講演を行った。つくば近郊の外国人留学生を中心に約50名の参加者があった。http://www2.yukawa.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~kazunori.kohri/20160317.pdf
2.    一般相対論誕生100年記念市民講演会の一環で実施されたつくば会場でのKEK公開講座「アインシュタインの一般相対性理論提唱から100年目の理論と実験」(2015年11月21日、KEKつくばキャンパス)において、郡和範が 「宇宙のはじまり、現在、未来」と題して講演を行った。幅広い年齢層の200名以上の参加者があった。http://www.gw.hep.osaka-cu.ac.jp/Gmunu100/reports.html#tsukuba